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Skin Cancer

19th October 2016

Its not a nice thought but is one of the commonest forms of cancer, and many people will suffer it at some time in their lives.

Early diagnosis and treatment can lead to very good outcomes and possibly even cure. The commonest form of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) often requires no follow up if detected and removed at an early stage.

Our surgeon, Mr Ali-Khan, was awarded a prestigious fellowship to train at the Melanoma Institute of Australia (formerly known as the Sydney Melanoma Unit) - considered to be one of the top skin cancer units in the world. He worked there with Professor John Thompson - a world authority on skin cancer.

At LASE Medical we can see you quickly to check out your suspicious or worrisome skin lesions. Treat them as required and offer you follow up if necessary.

We offer cosmetic mole removal if a lesion doesn't require removal for clinical reasons. All done with the care and attention expected of a plastic surgeon in minimising scarring.

Contact us for an appointment by phone on 0191 495 8443.

We have always found him very friendly and nothing is too much trouble. He is a very nice person.
A Mr Ali-Khan patient